Winter holiday has come!

Do you like the new layout?☆
It's just like Finnish Christmas, isn't it?♪

The busy days with exams and concerts are over now and having had winter holiday come, I've been doing all I want to do.

But here, today, I'm going to write about the busy days. It's all related to music this time, though☆

●No.1 Mandolin
I had new experience with a new musical instrument in one of the Pikku joulu which my friends took me to. It was the mandolin, one of the closest instrument to the violin!

This day, I went there after playing the violin in another Pikku joulu, so I had the violin with me. So, then, when I asked, the one who had the mandolin let my play it willingly!!

The smallest mandolin has the same tuning as the violin. The the fingers could be the same, so I tried it just like the violin. Guess what happened.

All correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The intonation was all correct, all the same, just like the violin!!!!The tunings are the same, fingers are also the same!!!There are difference in the number of strings that the mandolin has 8 and the violin has 4, and how they are played are different, but still, it was so easy to take up!!

It's something I heard it later, but in Japan, there are orchestras consist of mandolins. I don't know if Finland has it, too, but it was really great to find new, fascinating instrument♬♪Later, when I have enough money, then I may buy the mandolin and try to learn it☆★It really was a great experience!!

●No,2 Repairing the violin


The other day, I took my violin to a repairer for the fist time in my life. Until now, I never had to take it myself because it used to be my teacher who took it, or I changed the violins before it had to be taken. But this time, because the bridge(see photos) was not straight any more, and I thought it wouldn't be the best idea to let it be, so I had to take it to a repairer.

Then, I learnt a new Finnish culture. It is a rather scary fact for those who doesn't know it...

Firstly, I made a phone call to a repairer whom my violin teacher introduced me. "I would like my violin to be repaired, but when could I go? Is it easier to get there?" Then the repairer answered, "You can come any time you want!! Well, it might not be too easy to get here, so I can pick you up somewhere!"

What?! Is he picking me up?! Really?!

I was confused here, to start with. But well, because he says he can pick me up, we decided to meet in the centre of Helsinki. After meeting him, I was taken to a ordinal residential area, where took about 30 minutes by bus. Then to one of the rooms there... As soon as the repairer opened the door, there was a conversation, such as;

"I'm home!"
"Oh, hello!"

?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What's going on?!?!

My mind was totally lost, not knowing what was happening around me!! And guess who came to the door. Yes, his wife and child. Not a small child, but big one.

Conclusion. I was taken to a "house." Well, no, it was rather "home," to a "family home"!!!!

There I saw a man making new bridge on the corner of a living room.

The bridge, which my violin had it repaired, is the second most important part of the violin. It's like a brain for human being. It was really scary to watch him working.....

Well, it was something I heard later, but the things like this happens quite often in Finland because there are many who locate their business at home. I guess it's less expensive to start business and might be easier, but for those who doesn't know, it would be rather shocking to do business with them.

Nevertheless, the bridge is fine and I know these things are nothing to be afraid, so I should be reacting normally from now on. It was...really frightening experience this time, though....

●No.3 Concerts
The orchestra concerts was not too bad. The violins could play quite well and also the others.

Except one. Except one big problem.


A conductor plays very important role in a orchestra. It must be the most important position in a orchestra. But our conductor was really....disastrous. I don't know if he has been really nervous or what, but he was not watching us, made many mistakes, and so on... (TДT)

Fortunately, the concert didn't come out to be a disaster thanks to the others' memory and musical feeling.

Well, anyway, I'm glad I could manage the busy days with the exams, concerts and pikku joulu parties!!

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