Christmas is coming!!

It's already December. December is Joulukuu in Finnish, meaning the month of Christmas.

Yes, Christmas is coming!!

Here in Finland, the streets have been lighten up with a few decorations, though all are not very attractive. There are also events called "pikku joulu" going on in the companies, schools, universities, and so on.

Pikku joulu means little Christmas. Unlike Japan, like England, Christmas is normally spent with families in Finland, but Finns also want to enjoy Christmas feeling with their colleagues and friends. So, they hold "pikku joulu," Christmas with friends☆★

But...for all university students, except the lazy ones, it's a dead busy season with exams and essays. All the exams comes around this time of the year and so the essay deadlines. (Luckily, I don't have any essays to write. Only the exams.) The problem is that we, the hard-working students, also have to join "pikku joulu." It is very hard to manage all the schedules!!!!!!!

What makes it worse is that "pikku joulu" lasts all night long. If you're lucky, you get home by 2 am, but if not, then you'll have to stay until 4 am. It is OK to go to and enjoy those parties, if only there were no exams coming soon!!! I haven't joined any of the parties yet, though... Well, I think Finns are really tough. They are made of beer, potatoes, cinnamon, and flour, so "pikku joulu" must be giving them lots of energy, but...I need fish and sleep as well!!!

This is the Christmas tree in Kumpula library. Does the Santa Clause made a mistake and put the presents too early? Why are there presents under the tree?? For who?? I really wonder...

Well, from now on, I should be busy with "pikku joulu," exams and concerts of our orchestra, so I think I'll be writing the diaries about them after finishing them. When I come back, please visit here again★☆

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