Science Campus

The Science campus, where I belong to, is the Kumpula Campus. There are modern buildings surrounded by forests.

Of one of the rooms, wall is made of glass, and there are many tables to study. This day, the room looked even more beautiful than normally because the light of sunset was coming in.


This Science Library is very quiet and there are very few people compared to the libraries in the city centre, so I quite like this library. One problem is that the opening hours is so short. It opens from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening, from Monday to Friday only. It means that we cannot use the library in the late evenings or at the weekends. This picture was taken at about 4:30 in the evening on Friday, so almost nobody was there.

But I found the sunlight like aurora♪
The light of the sunset was coming in through the glass and there on the floor, there was thing like aurora..!! It was rather beautiful☆★

As can be seen from the photos of the library, they are quite modern.

This picture was taken around 10 am, just before the first lecture starts. There are two ways to get here- one with normal road, and another going through a forest. It's faster going through the forest, but we have to be careful in raining and slippery seasons. (The snow sometimes freezes and only ice left on the ground.)

When I took the photos of the library, it wasn't really snowing yet, but recently, we had some snow and that was left on the ground.
The temperature is always below zero now, so the snow doesn't melt at all. (But the snow is getting to freeze, so hope it'd snow again.)

By the way, this year's snow came first in Helsinki on the 12 October. It was more than 2 weeks earlier than last year. It seems we're going to have a pretty cold winter!!

But, because it got cold soon, I'm still not used to the cold, going out feeling frozen...

You all also be careful not to catch any colds!!

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