The Times

The Times has released the new ranking of the world universities.

The University of Helsinki came to 116th. The university was ranked of 62nd last year, so it was a bit disappointed. Maybe we have to study harder!!

I have tried to find out the reason of dropping the rank so remarkably, but nowhere it was written. It seems that the issue is not an interest of the Times, unfortunately, and of any other news reporters.

But it is a big issue to me!! I really would like to know why the ranking dropped so strikingly.

Well, I might have to to be a statistician who observe things to do with education. So then, I surely will be able to access to the data the Times has!! Without enough data, it is impossible to analyse the reason, and without it, it is not very possible to improve!! Oh, I know. The university must have the data as well. But, oh... they wouldn't give it to me. They'd give it to the teachers, but not to the students...!! Poor me!!!! I wish I could help them.

Anyway, don't give the Finns more bad news. It's raining dreadfully and getting darker and colder everyday. Let Finns speak out and be cheerful. The education, peacefulness, nature and Nokia are the only things they have. But now, two of them are about to be destroyed and the nature is so hush to the Finns. Please, oh, no more bad news for them. Otherwise, all the Finns would suffer depression... Don't make the suicide rate higher than what already is...!!! Finland does not have a large population!! It needs people!!

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