Long time no see!

So sorry I haven't been writing it for such a long time!!

Well, here I am today, to write about Finland again!!

Yesterday, there was a very sad news about Finland that 18 year-old had shot others at his school in Tuusula, a little far away from Helsinki.

It was the first shooting incident in Finland, so the news spread all over the world, creating the image of Finland being dangerous place. Oh, god sake. It never is, and it never have been. Hopefully, it will never be.

Having loved Finland, I was really shocked, indeed. It is very sad to hear that some youth in Finland have such corrupted minds, destroying the beautiful country. Please, I really hope this kind of incident do not happen again.

Finland is such a small and weak country. It can be easily destroyed by the others. Please, do not destroy your immature country by yourself.

I love Finland. Don't want to see it corrupting.

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