Winter has come***

It's been very cold and snowy these days. The temperature is about minus 10 or lower.

The natural outdoor icerinks are done. In Finland, the places where people play basketball or football in summer become icerinks in winter. Ice hockey is very popular among children. You hear children shouting and balls bein hit all the time. But, I don't do ice hockey, though I do ice skating. I've been to the natural outdoor icerinks near home with my own skating shoes. It was really fun** Oh, of course, nothing is there in thoes natural rinks, but it's free to skate!!!!!!!!!!


The snow crystal is beautiful everywhere. I took this photo at the bus stop near the University.



I love rabbits!!!!!!!! The pot was in front of my friend's house, and the snow rabbit is what I've made** It doesn't melt at all. It's kept very well outside**


A park near home. No child is playing there anymore, but looks very cute with snow**


Little sunlight was coming one cloudy day. It's always the same pattern. The sun rises in the morning about 8, stays sunny during the day. But in early evening, about 3 or 4, it becomes cloudy. It's not dark yet then, but it's cloudy, so never really see the sun sets..



When it's sunny during the day, it is absolutely beautiful. Just like in a dreaming world. Cannot believe I'm in this beautiful world. Even though I see this kind of view eveyday, I still cannot believe what I see with my eyes. I can just stand outside looking at the view for hours and hourse, if I ever have time to do so.


The moon is also beautiful here. You can see the moon all day long, day and night, IF it's not cloudy, of course.


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